To Kiev by bicycle / Who is with us?

Just a few days left, before we hit the road! From Berlin through Poland and Urkraine heading to Kiev – with the bike. Starting 7th of june, we want to reach Kiev on 1st of july, just right in time for the public viewing of EM final soccer match. My friend Stefan, living in Bucarest since several years, joins me. Besides a rough definition of our route (Berlin to Posen to Warsaw to Lemberg to Chernowitz, finally to Kiev) we didn´t plan a lot yet.

But: All of you can be part of our journey! Join us in Berlin or anywhere lateron, be with us the whole trip or drop in and drop out, whereever you like. If riding the bike is too straining for you, relax, lean back and follow us on twitter: #eastrider, @fischkippe

The two of us, Stefan and me, already did several journeys by bike together. He´s riding an old ladie´s bike, mine is an aged XXL bicycle the mechanic in the shop recently refused to repair. „Buy a new one“, he told me, „this one is ready for wasteyard“. We will see: New backwheel circle, new wheel, fixed gear control – here we go!

To explain why we do this: Not because we have soccer tickets, not because we want to be close to our National Soccer Team, not to make a sportive competition out of it, nor a political demo for or against Timoshenko or the oppressed ukrainian streetdogs. We travel because we enjoy unhasty biking trough beautiful and exciting countries and we hope to have funny, warm get-togethers with polish and ukrainian people.

But be sure: if we accidentally stumble upon some TVset, we definitely will have one or two or three beers and watch the current game.

To make it to Kiev in time, we will have to reach approximately 100 km per day. I´m sure we will waltz trough that, but it will definetly demand some stamina sometimes. Besides that, there´s one more thing to notice: We will not act as tour guides, everybody joining us, should be able to take care of himself, in case of doubt.

Anybody considering to join us, should know one thing in advance: we travel without tent and arrangement of hotel accomodation. If nothing else arises by sheer good fortune, we sleep in the open. In case of rain, we´ve got a canvas cover. We know from experience: that´s not always funny! Therefore we´ll try to arrange private housing or a decent place in somebody´s backyard through communication on twitter (in english because unfortunately neither Stefan nor I know polish or ukrainian).

If you prefere staying at home, but don´t want to miss our trip, just follow us on twitter and support us with retweets to your followers. Anyone who can support us in building networks with polish and ukraine people, thank´s in advance!

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